It’s a busy time, as it always has been so, but we thank God for His precious love and care! Of course, we are thankful to Him for people like you who are doing so much for His Kingdom!

The Project goes on very well. I try my best and Ligia, too. The atmosphere is a good one and I’m happy to see that children are always looking forward to be here and to spend time together. The work with the families is always a pleasure and as it has started to be more difficult for many of them, Prayers are much needed!

We are also working, especially, in the morning with the packages we received from fam. K. and you! It’s quite a work but having Ligia is a huge support. She knows families, kids and ages by heart!

The families you know are doing pretty well. Da.. is on my special attention. I’m trying to arrange a driving school for Benjamin which is not very easy. If he will made it and then to get the driving license, it will be very good for him and his family.

Fam. Di.. needs an urgent support for the winter. The amount from … will help me to buy them some wood for the winter.

Brother Tru…, as I understood, is not doing so well. He has a cancer but it’s good that many churches are praying for him.

Lady Ga.. who has had a surgery for her cancer is not doing so well. I’ve been blessed to support them for the treatment she needs.