Mail d.d. 2 oktober 2014

Thank you for the message and monthly support! It’s a blessing for the work we are doing but also for so many families whose children are part of this project. Besides, it is family Di.., Da… and Ro…

We appreciate very much all your efforts and we pray that the Lord will reward you with the most beautiful blessings.

As you know, we have started the project. It will be more difficult than last years because an extension of the Mathematics Subject has been made which means that there will be about 25% more work. This is a reason why we took 15 children until the 1st of January, to see if I can afford it. If it be positive, I will have one group more.

As a family, we are doing pretty well. There’s a lot of work also with our children because they get a lot of homework and they need attention and care…….

….Ligia is doing pretty well. Still tired but dedicated for the family and many other families. A kind of mother of many, many children…We feel blessed and encourage to go on. There’s a lot to be done and as long as it will be possible, we’d like to be useful.

Please ,remember to pray for families Di.., Da… and Gan….. I met Gan… few days ago. Thank God and you, I was able to handle him a blessed support for his wife who’s in the hospital for a cytostatic treatment after a cancer surgery. It’s an expensive one but very important. Sister Di… is pretty well after her cancer surgery. It is also a case for me monthly which is not a simple one.

I pray that I will have the power to stay in between in order to bless all those who need it! I also pray that you all get the power to go on to continue be so very useful as you all have always been!

Greetings to all the friends there and don t forget …. and …and his family! I miss you and miss Holland! It has been already a long time since I haven t been there …