Als stichting zijn wij, samen met ruim 30 organisaties uit Oost en West-Europese landen, aanwezig op de conferentie in Roemenië. Het thema van de conferentie is: “Ownership of Development in Eastern Europe”.

Wij mogen daar een workshop verzorgen, met als werktitel: “Ownership, based upon heart to heart relations”

De inhoud: Since 2014 I am responsible for the Hulp voor Helpers Foundation (CPOE Member). Out of this position I like to share my thoughts and experience with others and to build up a vision around:

  • The victims of the ”casa de copii” out of the Ceauşescu period (but also Belarus, Bulgaria, …).

What is the position and the condition of the 100,000’s former residents of those children’s homes? How did we, as a foundation, realised ownership to Romanians?

I would like to talk about that and the role of mission organizations then and now?? How do we see them, through the eyes of Jesus?

  • As part of the topic Ownership: Invest in children, children and children. Small-scale! Opportunities education, coaching homework, materials fairs, … GGZ.